Our Values

Customer Focused

  • Initiate and progress opportunities for strengthening our business
  • Communicate promptly and effectively
  • Listen to and understand our customers
  • Treat customers with respect and dignity


  • Practical and sensible approach to the markets in which we operate
  • Appreciate our Health & Safety policies, procedures and actions
  • Respect our customer, manager, colleagues and suppliers
  • Appreciate company property and equipment


  • Demonstrate a strong business acumen and commercial awareness
  • Develop and improve our expertise within each individual role
  • Learn from and appreciate the expertise of others


  • Determine to improve individual and overall company performance
  • Accept accountability for our areas of responsibility and our output
  • Be accountable for our own safety, and that of others


  • Show integrity and honesty within our work
  • Lead by example and do what is right, morally & legally
  • Be grateful for our individual skills and the contribution that we make to the company

Help Each Other

  • Optimistic and positive in the future of the company
  • Share our ideas and skills
  • Be proactive, help our customers & team