Premix Concrete & Screed

Creagh Concrete is one of the largest producers of Premix Concrete and Premix Screed in Northern Ireland.


Creagh Concrete uses its extensive reserves of sand and gravel from the company quarries in Draperstown and Magheraglass in Northern Ireland to manufacture premium quality Pre-mix Concrete and Screed at three production facilities based at Toomebridge, Dunloy and Draperstown. Customers can collect Pre-mix from 1/4m³ upwards. Our customers include Self Builders, Private Developers, Building and Civil Engineering Contractors.


1m³ of Pre-mix weighs 2.4 tonnes


All premix concrete from Creagh Concrete conforms to BS 8500 Parts 1 & 2.  The company is a member of the Quality Scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete (QSMRC) which ensures design, production, control and supply conformity of Pre mix Concrete to ISO 9001:2008.   

Types of Pre-Mix

Creagh produces an extensive range of concrete mixes suitable for all types of projects from general foundations to industrial flooring. Guidance is provided in the table below.  Furthermore, specialist concretes can be supplied to meet customer specific needs, for example, fibre reinforced concrete and self compacting concrete (SCC) amongst others.

Guidance on specification for all concrete

Unreinforced foundations and associated works
Blinding and mass concrete fillGEN1 S2
Strip footingsGEN1S2
Mass concrete foundationsGEN1S2
Trench fill foundationsGEN1S2
Drainage works to give you immediate supportGEN1S2
Other drainage worksGEN1S2
Oversite below suspended slabsGEN1S2
General applications
Kerb bedding and backingGEN1S2
House floors with no embedded reinforcement
Permanent finish to be added e.g. a screed or floating floor GEN 1S3
No permanent finish to be added e.g. carpet GEN 2S3
General reinforced concreteC28/35S2
Garage floors with no embedded reinforcementGEN3S3
Wearing surface: light foot and trolley trafficC25/30S3
Wearing traffic: general industrialC32/40S3
Wearing traffic: heavy industrialC40/50S3
House drives and domestic parking    C28/35 (Airgrained)S3
Heavy duty external paving with rubber tyre vehicles (e.g. agricultural and commercial)OR C40/50 S3