Drying Floors

Creagh Concrete's drying floors are used for drying grain, willow or wood chips. The slats are installed on solid ground - an air tunnel is formed and hot air is blown under slabs and released through mesh strips drying the product above. The slabs can withstand heavy machinery and have a longer lifespan than the traditional wooden system.

HOW IT WORKS - Each 1200mm floor section contains galvanised steel vent strips which allow hot air, blown from below to permeate the floor,drying the material as it filters upwards. The 200mm deep precast floor is suitable for tractor traffic allowing easy access and handling of the drying materials. Single floors or complete standalone drying sheds can be produced to your specifications.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Grain slats will withstand heavy machinery driving on them
  • Longer lifespan than the wooden system


Floor Sections - Available with a choice of mesh layout for either 33% or 60% airflow.

Wall Panels and Lids -Used to create the drying tunnels and retain materials. We also supply the necessary tunnel steelwork components.