With a growing demand for sustainable heating and cooling and a greater emphasis on BREEAM, Creagh in partnership with velta designed and delivered Climaspan. Climaspan is a factory produced precast Hollowcore unit incorporating embedded velta PE-Xa pipework. The exposed soffit of the Climaspan unit is activated, providing heating and cooling, using mimimum energy and providing maximum comfort to large commercial buildings including offices, universities and public buildings.

Climaspan is an energy efficient system with minimal environmental impact. Due to the low operating temperatures, the system lends itself particularly well to be combined with heat pumps, ground heat exchangers, solar energy and other alternative energy sources.

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Benefits of Climaspan Flooring

  • Reduced costs with maintenance of the system, as most elements are within the Climaspan precast unit.
  • The Climaspan system provides an invisible cooling and heating system which delivers a comfortable and healthy indoor environment
  • Comfort is ensured by optimal temperatures provided by a silent system that does not circulate air. No dust circulation, no draught – ensuring a healthy indoor environment.
  • The invisible system also gives freedom of space and flexible indoor design.
  • Low energy use is achieved by mean operating water temperature close to the ambient environment. This increases heat source efficiency and enables the use of renewable and free cooling sources in accordance with a low energy design principle.
  • The Climaspan system is cost effective.
  • Low installation costs – 30% to 50% savings.
  • Low maintenance and operating costs with up to 50% savings compared to conventional A/C systems.
  • Fast installation and improved quality control due to prefabricated construction techniques.
  • Structurally efficient solutions which allows more efficient use of space.
  • Reduced dead weights allow lower requirements for foundations and structural load bearings.