Crosswall Frames

Crosswall is a generic method of building construction using a series of division or party walls which transfer the floor loads through the building to foundation or transfer slab level.  The system allows either concrete perimeter wall infill or lightweight cladding alternatives for a variety of elevational treatments.

The total frame solution comprises of structural walls and solid or hollowcore flooring and construction speed is greater than alternative systems. Units are manufactured off site ensuring the desired quality is met and can be left for direct decoration if required. M&E can be incorporated into the production process for all types of services.  

Crosswall frames are the ideal solution for the residential market, student accommodation and hotels as well as commercial offices, car parks, factories, schools and prisons.  While structures up to 16 storeys have been completed in the UK using this form of construction, it is just as suited to domestic housing.


• Acoustic separation is minimised due to the density of the floors and walls

• Inherent thermal mass

• Greater security

• Reduced site co-ordination as many follow-on trades are eliminated

• Reduced preliminary costs due to reduced programme times

• Robust structure

• Reduced heating and maintenance costs

• Improved Health and Safety