Precast Concrete Columns and Beams

Creagh Concrete manufactures Precast Columns and Beams as part of a total precast frame solution or as part of hybrid in situ concrete schemes.  The offsite manufacture reduces site programme times. Various profiles of beams and columns can be manufactured to suit the project requirements.


Columns are available in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes, can be circular or square and are designed to incorporate any additional features or fittings. Single storey columns are generally 2.5m - 4m high. Beams bear directly on top of these units with a dowelled connection between them.  Multi storey columns are cast with corbels or alternative connections at locations to suit the beams at intermediate levels. Projecting rebar can be provided for tying in to in situ floors. Options for foundation connections include cast in base plates, dowel tubes or projecting bars.


Creagh Concrete can provide a cost effective solution offering a composite beam and floor solution which will reduce overall depth and weight with connections developed to your requirements.

 ·         Edge/Spandrel Beams – span around perimeter to provide a bearing edge on one side for flooring slabs and structure above.

·         Spine Beams - Provide a bearing edge on two sides for flooring slabs.

·         Lintel Beams - Span over door or window opens, to provide bearing for structure above.

·         Balcony Beams - These are beams cast with an integral balcony.

·         Raker Beams – Can be designed and supplied with required bearing for terracing units.

Where single storey columns are being used, continuous beams are cast to reduce the bending moment of the beam and, therefore, its depth. Continuous beams can also extend beyond the column support and provide bearing for smaller drop in beams between them.