Redefining easy to install.

Spantherm is installed in just minutes, not days.

By producing high performance insulated structural concrete units off-site we have redefined the speed of installing a fully insulated ground floor. This is the next generation of structural flooring systems designed as the efficient alternative to labour intensive beam and block installations.

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Each high performance Spantherm floor is designed by qualified engineers to meet each plot’s specific structural requirements. The units are manufactured off-site in quality controlled factory conditions and arrive on-site complete with preformed service holes, ready to install to your subfloor ground works.

A typical 90m2 ground floor can be installed in just 90 minutes, providing a safe working platform, ready to be fully loaded after just 72 hours. Spantherm can reduce build programmes by up to one week compared to systems which require a structural topping.


The materials and labour required for installation can be provided from a single source in just one delivery. No stocks of blocks or insulation are required on-site and the installation process will produce zero waste for maximum efficiency. We offer a full supply and fit service or alternatively we can work on a supply only basis.

Installed in under 60 minutes