Spantherm offers a unique comprehensive service, from design of floor to supply of elements to on-site installation.

Engineered Floor Design & Thermal Calculations

The Spantherm team provide a comprehensive design service which includes provision of CAD based drawings along with all relevant structural and thermal design calculations.

Site Survey

Upon request, we shall survey your site, to ascertain dimensions of your building, enabling us to prepare a CAD layout drawing. Alternatively, we can agree to take measurements from plan. As part of the site survey we consider site access, bearing configurations, health and safety issues, plant locations and obstructions.

Rapid nationwide delivery

The Spantherm fleet is extensive and covers the length and breadth of the UK.

Floors Manufactured to order

As each project is unique, Spantherm products are made to order to ensure individual site requirements are met. Service holes are created in the manufacturing process.

Provision of Engineer’s design certificate and calculations

On completion of your project, the Spantherm team will issue a design certificate along with calculations for your project.