Spantherm is an innovative insulated concrete solution for ground floors.

Product Key - 1200mm wide 375mm deep Spantherm unit

  • 1. 50mm reinforced concrete
  • 2. EPS insulation
  • 3. C25/30 structural grout
  • 4. Side bearing stool
  • 5. End bearing stoole
  • 6. Self levelling compound
  • 7. DPC
  • 8. Cast-in lifting pins


Each Spantherm floor is constructed from a series of pre-cast insulated concrete units facilitating rapid installation onsite.


Installation Process.

1. The floor is constructed from individual 375mm deep factory cast composite units comprising high performance EPS insulation, steel reinforcement and structural concrete. A range of unit widths are used in each floor layout.

2. Each Spantherm floor is manufactured to the customer’s floor plan and loading requirements. The units sit on the inner leaf of the cavity with a 100mm bearing on the ends and on the side of the units where required

3. Each floor is designed to accommodate services such as drainage or water supply via appropriately sized openings which are cast into the units to facilitate fast installation on site.

4. The units are delivered to site ready for installation directly onto the ground works as per the individual building’s specification. The EPS insulation is butted tightly as the units are installed to optimise the levels of insulation across the floor.

5. Once in position, the units are bonded together with a structural concrete grout.

6. Building on perimeter walls can commence after 3 hours. Full structural strength is achieved in 72 hours, allowing loading of the floor to commence.

7. A finished floor surface ready to accept internal floor finishes is provided by the application of a self-levelling compound.