Technical Details

Spantherm Load Spans

Domestic Live Load of 1.5kN/m No Partitions Stud Partitions (1kN/m) Blockwork Partition (6kN/m)
Floor Finish Maximum Clear Span (mm)
100mm Concrete Screed 6150 5850 5000
75mm Concrete Screed 6400 6050 5100
50mm Concrete Screed 6650 6250 5200
25mm Concrete Screed 6850 6500 5300
10mm Self levelling compound* 6400 6050 5250

Note: based on unfactored domestic live load of 1.5kNm *Deflection is the limiting factor in this instance.


Spantherm requires a bearing of 100mm on masonry. Units must be supported as per the construction detail provided for each project.


Partitions can be built off the floor providing these have been allowed for in the design. Generally 6kN/m blockwork walls run parallel to span (load shared between ribs of adjacent units). Walls that can be built off the floor will be indicated on layout drawings.

Garage Floors

To comply with the distributed load of 2.5kN/m² or concentrated load of 9.0kN required for a domestic garage, Spantherm requires a minimum: 50mm concrete screed with a minimum compressive strength of 25N/mm² reinforced with A142 steel mesh applied directly.


Once in position, the units are bonded together with a structural concrete grout. Grout - C25/30 concrete with an aggregate size of not more than 10mm.

Psi Value Performance - Spantherm Plus

Please note that Psi value performance varies according to the wall configuration. The following values relate to the wall constructions shown in Construction Detail. Contact Creagh Concrete for Psi value details of alternative configurations.

Detail Reference Thermal Transmittance Psi Value (Ψ) Surface Temperature Temperature Factor (f) Temperature Factor (Pass/Fail)
Masonry (perpendicular) 0.109 (0.11) 17.65° 0.88 PASS
Masonry (parallel) 0.112 (0.11) 17.39° 0.87 PASS
Timber frame (perpendicular) 0.144 (0.14) 17.05° 0.85 PASS
Timber frame (parallel) 0.157 (0.16) 16.66° 0.83 PASS

Note: BRE thermal modelling. Internal temperature = 20°, external temperature = 0C.
Temperature difference across the model of the junction = 20°.

Product dimensions

Spantherm Units

Length - determined by layout and load
1200mm wide x 375mm deep
900mm wide x 375mm deep
600mm wide x 375mm deep
400mm wide x 375mm deep

Service Openings

All service holes are formed during the manufacture of the units. Our standard service opening is 200mm x 200mm. Please contact the Spantherm Technical Team if larger openings are required.


Spantherm has a designed working life of 50 years in accordance with the requirements of exposure class XC3.

Product Quality

Spantherm units are designed to BS EN1992-1-1:2004 Eurocode 2 - Design of Concrete Structures and BS EN13224:2011- Precast Concrete Products - Ribbed floor elements.

Specification Clause

Floor Detail

The suspended insulated concrete ground floor shall be Spantherm designed to BS EN 13224:2011 by Creagh Concrete Products Ltd comprising 375mm thick precast units of steel reinforced concrete and EPS insulation to achieve a U value of 0.12 w/m² at a perimeter /area ratio of 0.6. To be installed in accordance with instructions issued by Creagh.

Insulation material EPS.

Certification - BBA certificate No 13/4974.

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