Supply Packages

Design, manufacture and delivery

  • Bespoke design
  • Fast track delivery
  • Use ground workers to install the Spantherm product using plant readily available on site leaving no need to hire in expensive lifting equipment.

Design, manufacture, delivery and installation

  • Bespoke design
  • Fast track delivery
  • Installation by experienced fitting crew
  • Provision of cranage and laying of grout

Handling SpanTherm

The Spantherm team can provide a complete delivery and installation service (dependent on location). The majority of our customers will not be involved in lifting or stacking units. If this does occur, the following advice should be adhered to:

  • Spantherm units should always be placed on level ground.
  • The units should be supported at four level points at corners.
  • Use purpose made lifting hooks or chains at each end.
  • Units can be stacked directly on top of each other without using support in between. Support is required only at bottom. Maximum stack of four units high.

Grouting of Spantherm units

A comprehensive grouting service can be provided, however when undertaken by customers, the following procedures should be followed.

  • Water to be sprayed on joints prior to grouting.
  • Floors to be grouted before they are loaded and before joints become filled with debris.
  • Grout to be 30N concrete with an aggregate size of not more than 10mm.
  • Grout should be cured before floors are loaded.
  • 1m3 of grout will cover 18 m2 of Spantherm.

NOTE: It is essential that the correct grouting procedure is followed to ensure the structural integrity of the floor. Ensure the floor is grouted with the correct mix and that the floor is cured before loading.  Take measures to protect the grout from inclement weather.