Outstanding Thermal Performance

Spantherm is a fabric first solution.

The system integrates structural concrete with expanded polystyrene insulation and the tightly butted units lock in the thermal performance efficiently across the slab.

Part L 2013 Compliance

Spantherm is available in 3 performance options designed to boost your building’s performance within SAP.

Please refer to our table for floor performance based on actual Perimeter/ Area ratios.

Achieve U-value as low as

Spantherm Plus based on a P/A ratio of 0.6

Reduced Cold Bridging

Spantherm is designed to reduce cold bridging at wall/ floor junctions making an important contribution to Part L performance. The Psi values offer improvement over both the default and approved values within table K1 SAP 2012.

Typical Psi value*

Spantherm Plus configuration see here


Perimeter / Area Ratio U-value (W/mēK)
Spantherm Standard ( λ90/90 = 0.038W/mK ) Spantherm Advance ( λ90/90 = 0.038W/mK ) Spantherm Plus ( λ90/90 = 0.031W/mK )