The benefits of Spantherm

Spantherm loading


  • No additional site works or laying out required.
  • A typical 90m² ground floor is installed in just 90 minutes.
  • Provides a level base without camber for ease of timber frame or block construction.
  • Installation is not affected by adverse weather conditions.
  • Secondary screeds with extended drying times are not required.


  • Service openings are precast for efficiency on-site.
  • Zero waste on site.
  • Zero storage of materials on site when using the supply and fit option.
  • On-site labour radically reduced.
  • "No void" option can significantly reduce extraction and spoil removal.


  • Fully compliant with Part L 2013 regulations.
  • Excellent U values with a choice of 3 performance options.
  • Enhanced Psi values for use in SAP calculations.
  • Reduced thermal bridging.
  • Factory made for guaranteed on-site quality detailing.


  • Fixed price per project.
  • Eliminates variances in on-site labour and materials.
  • Potential project savings within Part L.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Zero stock loss.


  • Reduced site working and labour.
  • Reduced manual handling of beams and blocks.
  • Reduced exposure to wet concrete on-site.
  • Reduced material deliveries/vehicular movements on-site.
  • Secure working platform established quickly.


  • Manufactured in factory conditions under a quality system certified to ISO 9001.
  • All systems are BBA certified and CE marked.
  • Accepted for use on NHBC registered sites.
  • Factory build removes site variations of insulation detailing.
  • Designed to all relevant BS EN standards.